Lockdown Dining: Hakkasan at Home.

Lockdown Dining: Hakkasan at Home.

Lockdown has brought on many challenges over the past few months – restaurants have been closed, jobs have been lost, and some places have sadly closed their doors for good due to the pandemic and enforced business closures. I spent the first two months of lockdown stuck in Devon at my parents place, and although I used that time to up my donations to some local charitable organisations, when I finally did get back to London I was super keen to support local businesses and my favourite eateries!

I’ve been ordering-in twice a week, and when one of my favourite restaurants got in touch to ask if they could send me some of my favourite dishes (I had tried to order from them the week prior but was sadly 1-mile outside of their 2-mile delivery radius), I naturally said yes!

I’ve been to Hakkasan many, many times before. It’s a favourite for me and my friends, and it’s a place I love so much I’ve paid to dine there lots of times as well as having a number of gifted meals over the years. They asked me for a few of my favourite dishes, and they kindly added an extra one in too! The food was delivered last Thursday evening with an Addison Lee car, just as my brother was arriving home from work which was very handy. He’d never eaten at Hakkasan before so this was his first experience, and he absolutely loved it!

The food all arrived in recyclable black plastic containers, still steaming hot. We left everything in the containers and dishes it out onto individual plates. We started with the classic steamed dim sum which was just melt-in-the-mouth delicious.

We then moved on to the divine crispy duck salad which is one of my favourite Hakkasan dishes of all time! The only slight negative with this one was the lack of pomegranate seeds which usually come with it in the restaurant.

Next up we enjoyed two stir-fry beef dishes; the Stir-fry rib eye beef with lily bulb in black bean sauce, and the Stir-fry black pepper rib eye beef with Merlot.

Finally we moved on to the famous Hakkasan Signature Peking duck! In the restaurant itself they usually serve the Peking duck pancakes, and then with the leftover duck they create a duck rice dish. Obviously this was all self-serve at home, and I’m not a huge rice lover, so we devoured the duck pancakes and there was absolutely nothing leftover! Honestly, the duck is some of the best duck you will ever eat. It’s mouthwatering and so tender and juicy with the perfect crunchy exterior. My brother was in absolute heaven from his first Hakkasan experience!

The experience obviously wasn’t as special as visiting the actual restaurant, as part of what you’re paying for is the restaurant experience and incredible service. But while lockdown is on and people are avoiding restaurants during the pandemic, it was such a treat having a Michelin-quality meal in the comforts and safety of our own home!Ā 

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Published at Thu, 20 Aug 2020 11:27:16 +0000

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