A Post-Lockdown Dinner at Amazonico, Mayfair.

A Post-Lockdown Dinner at Amazonico, Mayfair.

I’ve been seeing individual friends each week since lockdown ended, slowly seeing them all for the first time in months. It started out as picnics and drinks in the parks, then moved to restaurants at the beginning of July, and finally I plucked up the courage to visit an actual bar with a group of friends at the start of August. Since then I’ve seen a few groups of friends, but the lovely bunch I saw for our Amazonico dinner last night, I hadn’t seen since January when we went to Isabel! We had the best evening, it’s a restaurant we’d all been wanting to visit for ages so it felt extra special, and I wanted to share our experience as we were all super impressed!

We started with pre-drinks at Sketch just up the road, before walking down to Amazonico. I made the mistake of wearing new heels, so the boys had to practically carry and support me down the street haha. We arrived and were shown to our big booth table. All of the staff were wearing masks, you had to use anti-bac gel on arrival, and I loved that our table felt a little private and tucked away. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the photos – I wasn’t expecting to post about it so I didn’t take my camera, so I only have phone photos! 

We all ordered cocktails and snacks, I chose a Guavita cocktail which was a delicious and refreshing combination of gin, watermelon & guava shrub, with cardomom, pomegranate, lemon, jasmine, and soda. A few of the others chose the flamboyant looking Peacock Spirit! Snacks-wise we chose the Guacamole and the Cassava cheese bread – the guac was slightly better than mine (huge understatement, and I promise mine is pretty amazing), and although I only had a little nibble of the cheese bread because #ketolife, it was incredibly moreish and I desperately wanted to devour the entire bowl of them! 

Our huge array of starters arrived, and while everyone else shared a selection of Ensalada Amazónica (mango and avocado salad), Patacones Mechados (Crispy plantain, pulled pork, achiote seeds), Tequeños (clay oven chicken rolls), and a variety of sushi, I stuck to my keto-friendly dishes and had the Hamachi Tiradito (thinly sliced yellowtail). My yellowtail was absolutely beautiful and tasted super fresh in a zesty passionfruit dressing.
For mains I chose the Merluza Negra, which was Patagonian black hake, grilled eggplant, plantain crisp. The fish was cooked perfectly, although the grilled eggplant wasn’t really grilled and was more of a mousse, but very taste nonetheless! I absolutely adore plantain, but it’s not exactly keto-friendly due to the high-carb content, so I was relieved that there were three *very* thin plantain crisps – it saved me because I can’t say no to plantain! 
The others chose a lot of red meat – lamp chops, steak, the whole shebang. Other than Francis who like me chose fish! We also had a bunch of sides; cassava fries, tomato salad, and broccoli and carrots.
We were all very full at this point so for dessert we all decided to just get a few ice-cream tasting platters, a chocolate fondant (it was huge!), and a couple of plates of chocolate truffles. I had one of the mini ice-creams as it was a guava-flavoured one and I LOVE guava. I did also have a cheeky teaspoon of the fondant which was incredible! After dinner we had a quick look around the restaurant, then walked up the road for a few post-dinner drinks at Aqua Kyoto.
We all absolutely loved Amazonico, the restaurant design is absolutely stunning and the atmosphere and vibe is very similar to MNKY HSE and Coya – super trendy and definitely the type of place where you dress up and have to just ignore the prices on the menu. Our bill for the six of us – food, drinks, and service charge – came to almost £900, but you could definitely go there and pay a lot less, we just ordered loads of food and drinks. It was so good to feel a bit normal again and be out with a group of friends! 

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